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v. 0.9.8

  • Fixed the title provider.

v. 0.9.7

  • Multithreading, along with a proper progressbar. Program acts much more responsible now.
  • Previous selection of search results is now saved and restored when searching for the same name>/li>
  • Added preferred language setting for preselecting new search results
  • Shortcuts added, and improved key functionality on some controls
  • Lots of bugfixes and other minor improvements

v. 0.9.6

    I’ve decided not to go into too much detail on the changelogs, so here’s the biggest news:

  • Processing of multiple shows at once
  • Complete code restructuring, with lots of changes in and on the hood
  • Speed should be much better on larger amounts of files now
  • Subtitles are disabled for now until they get reimplemented for the multi-show features

v. 0.9.5

  • Remove tags option in context menu, to get rid of tags like DIVX, LD etc…tries to improve the filename somewhat, and often comes up with better results than before
  • Option to disable automatic column resize

v. 0.9.4

  • Extract showname from a filename. This is helpful when there are files from different shows in one directory, it tries to guess the showname, and then selects all files that belong to it, so you just have to click on get titles afterwards. This feature is located in the context menu on the files. Also improved the automatic selection of files after entering a title.
  • Replace strings in the new filename. This adds a list in the configuration menu which allows you to replace parts of the generated filename, this allows to use dots instead of whitespaces for example
  • Shows which were named something like “blabla312.avi” (with season=3, episode=12) were not recognized correctly

v. 0.9.3

v. 0.9.2

  • Fixed subtitle provider
  • Added subtitle provider

v. 0.9.1

  • Config updated for, since they changed their page source
  • Some work to get it to run under Mono, not done yet
  • Some other minor things

v. 0.9.0

  • “Create Directory Structure” function. Files will be moved into “Showname\Season 1” like directories (Season dir is optional). The program also recognizes if the files already are in such a directory to avoid recursion. Related to this, a “Destination” column was added to show where files are going to be moved. This is of course editable with double click
  • Showname recognized from Directory. If selected folder is, for example  “Showname\Season 1”, “Showname” is assumed as showname. Otherwise top folder name is used as initial showname.
  • Intelligent setting of Process flag. Using the selected directory, the directory of the files and the show/filenames the program decides which files the user most likely wants to rename, and marks them. This helps clicking lots of file entries.
  • “Delete empty Folders” option to remove folders which were made empty because of file moving. It is also possible to specify a List of file extensions which may be deleted (like .nfo for example resulting from extracting rar archieves,…). NOTE: During development I encountered a bug which would delete video files. That one is fixed now of course, and I’m pretty sure there aren’t any others which could cause this, but just in case, it is possible to restore deleted files with programs like Data Recovery
  • RichTextBox Log Window with colors and clickable URLs for convenience.
  • Subtitle files are automatically scheduled to be renamed/moved to their video file counterparts on folder opening.
  • (Re)store of window sizes, column widths/orders etc
  • Manual entering of path, autocompletion for path and title
  • Added “Open folder” button
  • Fixed some Issues with some data providers regular expressions
  • Huge code cleanup which fixed some more errors
  • Fixed some Log messages to make more sense

v. 0.8.0

  • Fixed a bug where folders might be displayed under certain circumstances
  • Fixed a bug with opening videos and improved the context menu option
  • Fixed a bug with the case of extensions
  • Made config file system more solid
  • Defaults system now working properly
  • Subtitle edit dialog – Offset and Scale a subtitle, optionally in a certain timeframe only
  • “Edit Subtitle” and “Open” context menu option now working on both videos and subtitles if corresponding file exists
  • Some more error handling

v. 0.7.3

  • Handling of Umlauts changeable
  • Handling of case changeable
  • Set Episodes from…to… context menu option

v. 0.7.2

  • Some testing on mono, not fully supported, but renaming works somewhat
  • First command line parameter used to open a specific dir, for inclusion as tool in filemanagers

v. 0.7.0

  • First implementation of subtitle download function, only one page though which doesn’t find many subs yet
  • Colorization of entries depending on their meaning:
    • Black – Normal
    • Grey – Will not be renamed
    • Yellow – New filename contains illegal filename characters, depending on settings this will be replaced automatically or user will be asked
    • Red – Two or more files have the same destination filename, go fix this!

v. 0.6.0

  • Improved config file system with caching
  • Settings dialog

v. 0.5.1

  • Fixed a logging bug
  • Timeout setting in config file

v. 0.5.0

  • Initial versioned release
  • Fixed a bug related to sorting
  • regular expression fixed for



2 Responses to “Changelog”

  1. Cherry Darling said

    Just a little bug in the changelog…new version is v. 0.9.3, not v. 0.9.2

  2. seriesrenamer said

    Oops, thanks…
    Very attentive 😉

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